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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Indo-Italian Dinner

Posted by Rave

'twas a Friday of the week before the last Friday before Christmas holidays (he he he), and the Indians and Italians decided to make dinner for our friends and classmates. None were my classmates, but definitely friends I met through Miguel and Javier.
Italians - Claudia and Angelo
Indians - Sujay, Laxmi, Sudeep, Yogesh and yours truly.

I made some Tandoori chicken and butter chicken while the other Indains made Pulav, panner and cabbage subji.
The Italians made Pizza's and Cannelloni (salame di cioccolato).

Was great fun, with approximately 30 people from all over the world, talking in several different languages. There was even singing and someone even put a video online.

The whole group of attendees.
As you can see, no more tandoori and butter chicken left... that talks a lot about my cooking ;-)

And now for some videos to follow.



nick said...

hey rave.
how cum not a single blog for 2009.