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Monday, April 05, 2010

My Birthday :)

Posted by Rave

Wierd days before my birthday, friends (Asad,dolly, karan, harry) made me feel like a little kid who's birthday is coming soon. Good fun, planning and rethinking what to do. The major question was 'to barbecue or not to barbecue'.
Eventually decided on simple get together, eat samosas and talk. Later those interested would go for dinner.
Today arrived, lovely day, the sun is out, birds singing, squirells jumping about, beautiful. got loads of birthday wishes on facebook, Orkut and calls. Good start, went for a jog with Karan, won a speaker bid on eBay for harry, cleant the house and waited for 3 when everyone started coming.
Harry n family n surya, drove down from Grimsby, had desi ghar ka khana and chit chatted.
Enter Asad, dolly n Tejas with samosas and dal wade. Awesome! Later Savi n Kavlin joined us for a while, good fun.
Some more chit chatting, followed by a long walk in Osterly park. Picked up Peter from outside the park. Videos and pics from there.

That's harry doing the 'Rocky'. Will add music later but had to put up the original. Too funny ;)

Back home, eating, drinking and chatting. Boy we chat a lot. Lol.

Dinner at 'Karam' Lebanese restraunt. Good food, ok service. Joined by Keyur, Harsh and Sam for dinner. Nice suprise at the end of the meal - birthday cake and happy b'day song on the speakers.

Felt like a little kid again.

Great friends, I had a lovely day. Thanx again for today.

Wow! I'm 29, feels like 15 ;)

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