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Friday, November 21, 2008

Burried with work and furious

Posted by Rave

I'm so buried with work the last couple of dayz. Three of us are supposed to put together an assignment about a new asthma inhaler (state-of-the-art) and make a grant proposal for funding this project. The only problem being, I feel that I am working alone. Its almost 2 am an I've been working all day filling out several pages, and now making a powerpoint presentation of the project all alone. One of the guys in the group did help out a bit with information search and moral support, but the other guy, damn... how can one be so irresponsible?
Just bugged up... will be fine tomorrow. Goodnight


narges said...

The same old story!!! I'm familiar with it. You know, I think it is human nature. When working in a group, one member will have all the headache and the other ones will have a FREE RIDE. any way, "good job".:)

Maryam said...

i dont know why only narges coments your work:))
i LOVE your pics.
they are very pro.